Follow up to my first post…

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the positive feedback to my post about the Women’s March. A couple people have told me I should continue to post to this blog, because the life of balancing law school with two little girls, and soon, balancing an internship on Capitol Hill with two little girls, is somewhat unique. It seems strange to presume that my life is interesting enough that others would enjoy reading about it, but I suppose at the very least this can be a diary so that I can look back down the road and remember how overwhelming/awesome/exhausting/exhilarating this time was for our family. The idea of having a blog while working on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs seems like an oxymoron for obvious reasons. I will have to discuss the social media policy with my office to determine if this is even something I can do through the summer. If I get the “OK”, I will focus on my family’s life in D.C., not the specifics of my internship.

To wrap up, I wanted to add a couple notes regarding my first post. I wrote that post on the plane on my way home from D.C. the day after the March. Therefore, it does not acknowledge any of the political chaos which has taken place since the weekend of the inauguration. It took me a couple weeks to get up the courage to publish the post. I asked my husband to edit it and in true teacher fashion he marked up the whole thing pretty heavily. I was conflicted because while it certainly sounded much more intelligent with Steve’s modifications, I wanted it to sound the way I talk and I felt my voice was getting lost. I debated not posting it at all (which exasperated my poor husband). In the end, I decided on a whim to pull the trigger, using my original draft. So these posts are 100% my voice… run-on sentences and all.


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