Happy Valentine’s Day

One of the toughest parts about balancing school with the girls is my desire to make holidays special. I’m sure any student/working mom can identify with the guilt of not being 100% devoted to making every event “Pinterest-level” amazing for their kids. I try to cut myself some slack, but also don’t want to miss out on the memories. My kids will only be little for a short period and I want to relish the days when they are thrilled to wake up to heart shaped cinnamon rolls with red frosting and pink sprinkles.


We took the cinnamon rolls to surprise Steve at work. We hung out there during his lunch and then headed to gymnastics. Afterwards, we had lunch with Auntie Kristin and Madeline, before heading to the bookstore.

I told the girls they could each choose a book. I tried to talk them into one on Ruth Bader Ginsburg but they opted for Shimmer and Shine. We also picked up a book with secrets and cool facts about our nation’s capital, which should be fun to get the girls excited for places we will visit this summer.


As soon as we got home, I had to head out for school. Tuesday is my long day, with back to back classes. Now I am waiting for a Student Board of Governors meeting to start and crossing my fingers we get through the agenda quick so I can head home.

These days are a little crazy but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day!

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