Tangled Movie Night

Tangled is my favorite modern Disney Princess movie. Amelia refers to Rapunzel as my “special princess”. We (including Steve) were all VERY excited to see Disney coming out with a new Tangled animated series. To kick off the new show, they released a short movie called Tangled, Before Ever After. I decided to plan a fun family movie night, with a themed dinner.

Tangled Girls

I have a Cricut Explore Air and am obsessed with it. The best part about using it with the Cricut Design Program, is all you need is paper to start a project. I made some fun decorations for our movie night with bright colored cardstock and ribbon I had on hand.

In the movie Mother Gothel mentions Hazelnut Soup is Rapunzel’s favorite, so we had to include our own version for the first course. For dinner, we had braided breadsticks and angel hair pasta. Rapunzel’s horse Maximus loves apples, so we used that as inspiration for dessert, and made apple crisp in the crockpot. Since frying pans are an important prop in Tangled, we served everything up in my cast iron skillets.

Tangled Dinner

After dinner we had a bit of time, so we each painted our own floating lantern. We used glow in the dark paint, which the girls thought was really neat. We rolled them into cylinders when we were finished and displayed them with our golden flower banner. Can you guess who made each one?

Finally, it was time for the movie! We scooped everyone a bowl of apple crisp and vanilla bean ice cream and settled in. The girls loved the movie and can’t wait for the show to start in a few weeks. Check it out!

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