Back at it!

It has been three months since my first post. This semester has FLOWN by. After an energetic start here on the blog, April was a crazy month so I took a step back for a bit. We celebrated Amelia’s 5th birthday, my 30th birthday, Easter, and I took three final exams.


For Amelia’s birthday, she got to have her first slumber party. The girls had fun playing games and watching Moana.


For my birthday, we met a couple friends at one of my favorite Detroit restaurants, Vertical for dinner. Afterwards everyone rushed me out of the restaurant without letting me order dessert. I was very annoyed until we arrived at Punchbowl Social and found a dozen more of my closest friends waiting to surprise me! We had a blast bowling and singing karaoke.

Now that I am on the other side of finals, June 4th is starting to seem much closer. I will spend the first two weeks of my internship in D.C. by myself because Steve and Amelia will still be in school. I am getting very anxious about being away from my family for so long but am trying to focus on my excitement for this big adventure.

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring!

Easter collage
Photos by 8:28 Photography

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