Adventure Begins

It’s crazy how two weeks can go by so fast, and yet feel like they began so long ago. Two weeks ago I left home to start a legal fellowship with the United States Senate. I had never been away from my kids for more than a long weekend and had a lot of anxiety about leaving. People kept telling me it would by quickly, and fortunately, they were all correct.

My sister in law and her husband have been so gracious welcoming me into their house. They’ve put so much effort into helping me make their basement apartment into a nice home for the summer and also have kept me well fed.

My family chipped in so much while I was gone. They watched the girls while Steve was at work, brought over food so that my family didn’t live on pizza for two weeks, and celebrated Amelia’s preschool graduation. I was so bummed to miss it but got to watch it live through FaceTime.

I was so lucky to have one of my best friends come visit me the weekend in between my two weeks away from Steve and the girls. Lauren is getting married in July and before I left we had talked about what kind of bachelorette party she wanted to have and how we would plan it around my leaving. She decided that instead of a party at home, it would be more fun to come visit me for a weekend. I kind of think she just recognized that I was going to need a friend that first weekend there. It worked out perfect. We spent the weekend eating, sightseeing and laying out by the pool. Lauren had never been to DC so we did a lot in a very short amount of time. According to her Fitbit, we walked about 18 miles in 48 hours. We learned that downtown DC has a lot of diverse neighborhoods and sometimes you can walk 2 blocks and be in a completely different crowd than you had been previously. Even though I have spent time in Washington before, it wasn’t an area I knew well coming in, and I am so incredibly grateful to have had one of my closest friends there to explore with me that first weekend.

I was so happy to come home to my family. They were waiting by baggage claim armed with Welcome Home signs and hugs. We now have about 36 hours to pack up, close up the house, and get on the road. I am so excited to share this next part of the adventure with my family.

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