Adventure Begins

It's crazy how two weeks can go by so fast, and yet feel like they began so long ago. Two weeks ago I left home to start a legal fellowship with the United States Senate. I had never been away from my kids for more than a long weekend and had a lot of anxiety [...]

Memorial Day

As this busy holiday weekend comes to an end, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the reason we honor this important day. I am so incredibly grateful to have the ability to tuck my kids in every night and know they will be safe until morning. My heart breaks for the parents who [...]

Summer 2017 Bucket Lists

As we prepare to head to our nation’s capital, we have been thinking about what we want to get out of this summer and have each come up with a short bucket list for our adventure. Amelia Go to day camp See the Panda bears at the zoo See the Butterflies at the museum Amelia [...]

Back at it!

It has been three months since my first post. This semester has FLOWN by. After an energetic start here on the blog, April was a crazy month so I took a step back for a bit. We celebrated Amelia’s 5th birthday, my 30th birthday, Easter, and I took three final exams. For Amelia’s birthday, she got to [...]

Tangled Movie Night

Tangled is my favorite modern Disney Princess movie. Amelia refers to Rapunzel as my "special princess". We (including Steve) were all VERY excited to see Disney coming out with a new Tangled animated series. To kick off the new show, they released a short movie called Tangled, Before Ever After. I decided to plan a [...]

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

On Monday, we celebrated Morgan’s “Gotcha Day”. We had a great time taking her to the Three Dog Bakery for some treats and a new toy. Here’s her adoption story: I am an uncoordinated person and somehow injured my ankle walking up the one step from my garage into my house. My mom/personal nurse took me [...]

Women’s March

I've received many comments and questions about the Women’s March. I feel my thoughts are much too long for a FB post so I wrote a blog post. At this point it has been almost three weeks since the March and I am sure many people are sick of hearing about it (and politics in [...]